"Life Imitates art far more than art imitates life"  -Oscar Wilde

      Jessica D. Lilly is a visual artist based in Miami, FL. Growing up in South FL. has played a major role in her development as an artist. Jessica is overly sensitive to her home environment. That sensitivity makes the canvas a perfect tool to express herself.
     Jessica finds inspiration for her artwork through everyday experiences with everyday people. To capture the many emotions and the very essence of her subjects within a painting is a magical and gratifying process. 
      Jessica studied at the Art Institute for her B.A. in Graphic Design. It wasn't until her senior year at the Art Institute where she took a painting course and came to the realization that fine art was her true passion. Since then Jessica has been working to build and establish herself as a full time artist.

      Outside of being a freelance graphic designer, Jessica has been focused on her fine art paintings (specializing in realisim and portraiture), and taking commissions from patrons within her community. Jessica has also partnered with businesses such as Lululemon and Hartland Productions for large scale paintings. You can even find her from time to time painting live at events throughout South Florida.

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